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Who Are We?

Fraudulent warranty claims cost our automotive parts industry hundreds of millions of dollars annually. “Check the Part” has been started by industry experts to help address these fraudulent claims by encouraging Parts Pro’s to simply open the box and visually inspect returns. Most other industries have already standardized this practice as an effective deterrence. As auto parts become more expensive, it is now important to work together to end fraudulent returns.

Why Are We Doing This?


US retailers lose between $18 Billion to $24 Billion annually to returns.


Cost of fraudulent warranty claims cost auto parts stores every year.


Of all Auto Parts sold are returned, the aftermarket has a higher return rate than any other industry.


Of warranty returns were either brand new or not that manufacturer’s product. (Parts were from a competitor or the OEM Part)

How Can You Help?

What to do

Most of these fraudulent returns can be recognized & stopped by following these simple steps.

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  • Always open the box and confirm the part is as described.
  • Confirm the brand on the part matches the brand on the box.
  • Make sure the part was not damaged.
  • Confirm the date of purchase on the receipt.
  • If the part is brand new and has not been installed, it can be returned but it should not be processed as a warranty.

What to know

Staying informed on fraudulent scams, and knowing what to look for when checking the part will go a long way in stopping these claims.

What to report

When you think you been had in a fraudulent return, let us know. Or, share an example of fraud prevention.

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